How Does Continuous Inkjet Printing Ensure High-Quality and Consistency in Marking?

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In the world of industrial coding and marking, the quest for high-quality and consistent marking is paramount. One technology that has proven its mettle in this regard is Continuous Inkjet Printing (CIJ). Strength Bartech, a leading player in the industry, has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality marking solutions through CIJ technology. In this blog, we will explore how Continuous Inkjet Printing, with Strength Bartech as an example, achieves impeccable results in marking and why it’s the preferred choice for many businesses.

The Science Behind Continuous Inkjet Printing

Before we dive into the advantages, let’s understand how Continuous Inkjet Printing works. At its core, CIJ relies on a simple yet ingenious process:

1. Ink Ejection: 

A continuous stream of ink is expelled through a tiny nozzle, forming droplets.

2. Electrically Charged Deflection: 

An electrostatic field is passed through by each droplet. Selected droplets are diverted away from the printing surface by being electrically charged.

3. Controlled Droplet Formation: 

The non-deflected droplets continue their trajectory, making contact with the substrate to create marks. The process repeats thousands of times per second.

Now, let’s explore how CIJ ensures high-quality and consistent marking:

1. Rapid Speed and Precision:

The speed at which CIJ printers eject their droplets makes them exceptionally quick. Sharp, clear, and finely detailed marks are produced as a result of the precise placement of each droplet made possible by this speed. Strength The extreme precision of Bartech’s CIJ printers makes them perfect for complex patterns, barcodes, and alphanumeric characters.

2. Versatile Ink Options:

Strength Bartech offers a range of specialized inks that cater to various substrates and industries. Whether it’s marking on metals, plastics, glass, or even food products, CIJ technology can accommodate a wide array of ink formulations to ensure adhesion and durability.

3. High-Resolution Printing:

High-resolution printing is a strength of CIJ printers, especially those from Strength Bartech. Because of this ability, even the smallest fonts and the most intricate pictures are reproduced with astounding clarity. The end effect is marking that is professional-looking, readable, and attractive.

4. Ink Management and Consistency:

Continuous Inkjet Printing also guarantees ink consistency. The printers are equipped with systems to monitor and maintain ink viscosity, ensuring that the ink properties remain consistent throughout the marking process. This consistency is vital to achieving uniformity in markings, even during long printing runs.

5. Non-Contact Printing:

One of the significant advantages of CIJ technology is its non-contact nature. The ink droplets do not physically touch the surface, preventing any damage to delicate substrates. This non-contact feature is particularly valuable in industries where product integrity and quality are paramount.


Strength Bartech’s cutting-edge CIJ printers, which are an example of continuous inkjet printing, have proven to be a reliable option for high-quality and consistent marking in a variety of industries. Its quickness, accuracy, adaptability, and non-contact nature make it the top option for companies looking to improve compliance, traceability, and branding of their products.

With Strength Bartech’s experience, CIJ technology serves as a testament to innovation and dependability in the coding and marking industry when it comes to producing flawless marking outcomes. CIJ continues to be in the forefront, offering the quality and consistency that industries seek in top-tier marking solutions. 

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