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Looking for high-quality barcode label stickers to streamline your inventory management and enhance the professionalism of your products? Look no further! Our barcode label stickers are designed to meet your needs with precision and efficiency.

Why Choose Our Barcode Label Stickers?

  1. Accuracy: Our barcode label stickers are meticulously crafted to ensure accurate scanning every time. Whether you’re tracking inventory, managing assets, or processing sales, you can rely on the precision of our barcode labels.
  1. Durability: Built to withstand various environmental conditions, our barcode label stickers are made from durable materials that ensure longevity. From warehouses to retail shelves, our labels maintain their integrity, even in challenging environments.
  1. Customization: We understand that every business has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customizable barcode label stickers to meet your specific needs. From size and shape to color and design, we tailor our stickers to align with your branding and operational preferences.
  1. Compatibility: Our barcode label stickers are compatible with a wide range of barcode scanners and systems, making integration seamless. Whether you’re using traditional laser scanners or modern smartphone apps, our labels ensure effortless scanning and data retrieval.
  1. Cost-Effectiveness: We believe in providing value without compromising on quality. Our barcode label stickers offer a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, helping you streamline operations and optimize efficiency without breaking the bank.

Applications of Barcode Label Stickers

– Inventory Management: Simplify inventory tracking and control with our barcode label stickers. Easily monitor stock levels, track item movements, and streamline replenishment processes.

– Asset Tracking: Ensure accountability and traceability of valuable assets with our barcode label stickers. From equipment and machinery to IT assets and office supplies, our labels help you keep track of your valuable resources.

– Retail: Enhance the customer experience and expedite checkout processes with our barcode label stickers. Enable quick and accurate product scanning, reducing wait times and improving overall satisfaction.

– Logistics and Shipping: Streamline logistics operations and improve order accuracy with our barcode label stickers. Enable efficient tracking of packages, shipments, and deliveries, ensuring timely fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

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  1. What are barcode label stickers?

 Barcode label stickers are adhesive labels that contain barcode information, typically used for tracking and identification purposes in various industries such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

  1. How do barcode label stickers work?

   Barcode label stickers work by encoding data into a series of parallel lines or squares using specific patterns. When scanned by a barcode reader, the encoded information is translated into readable data, such as product details, inventory numbers, or pricing information.

  1. What types of barcode label stickers do you offer?

   We offer a variety of barcode label stickers, including standard UPC/EAN barcodes, QR codes, code 128, code 39, and more. Our stickers can be customized in terms of size, shape, material, and design to suit your specific requirements.

  1. Are your barcode label stickers durable?

   Yes, our barcode label stickers are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand various environmental conditions, including temperature extremes, moisture, and handling.

  1. Can I customize the barcode label stickers with my company logo or branding?

   Absolutely! We offer customization options for our barcode label stickers, allowing you to incorporate your company logo, branding elements, color scheme, and other design preferences. This helps to enhance brand recognition and professionalism.

  1. Are your barcode label stickers compatible with my barcode scanner system?

   Our barcode label stickers are compatible with most standard barcode scanners and systems, including laser scanners, CCD scanners, smartphone apps, and more. If you have specific compatibility requirements, please reach out to our team, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

  1. How can barcode label stickers benefit my business?

   Barcode label stickers offer numerous benefits, including improved inventory management, enhanced accuracy in tracking and identification, streamlined operations, reduced errors, faster checkouts, and increased efficiency in logistics and supply chain processes.

  1. Do you offer bulk discounts for barcode label sticker orders?

   Yes, we offer competitive pricing and bulk discounts for large orders of barcode label stickers. Please contact our sales team for more information and a personalized quote based on your quantity requirements.

  1. What is the turnaround time for barcode label sticker orders?

   The turnaround time for barcode label sticker orders depends on factors such as order quantity, customization requirements, and current production capacity. Our team strives to fulfill orders promptly while maintaining the highest quality standards. For specific delivery timelines, please contact us directly.

  1. How can I place an order for barcode label stickers?

    Placing an order for barcode label stickers is easy! Simply browse our selection of products, choose the specifications that meet your needs, and fill out our online order form. If you have any questions or need assistance, our customer service team is here to help.

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  • From our own Label Manufacturing Facility, we offer a wide range of Consumables including highly reliable Standards and Customizable label products and thermal transfer ribbons for a wide Variety of barcode based identification and labeling applications.
  • We Specialize in providing a Complete Spectrum of Customized and innovative and tags focused on specific verticals across Indian industry, Which meet Strict international Standards and norms and can be used in any environment.
  • Our resources and capabilities include a complete set of facesheets, adhesives, and liners, a well stocked library of dies for manufacturing labels and tags , in addition ,our technology allows for extensive graphics and multi-color printing, the capability to develop inserts, multi-media combinations and dual adhesive combinations.

Chromo Paper Labels

  • Chromo paper label is a type of label material that is commonly used in various industries such as retail, logistics, and healthcare. Chromo paper label is made of chromo paper, which is a type of glossy paper with a smooth finish.
  • Chromo paper labels are popular because they provide a high-quality printing surface for labels. The glossy finish of chromo paper label enhances the color contrast and sharpness of the printed text or images, resulting in a professional-looking label.
  • Chromo paper label is also a cost-effective labeling solution. Compared to other label materials such as synthetic or polyester, chromo paper label is less expensive, making it a popular choice for labeling applications that require large quantities of labels.

Polyester Labels

  • Polyester labels are a type of label material that is commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare. Polyester labels are made of polyester material, which is a durable and high-quality synthetic material.
  • White and silver polyester labels are two popular types of polyester label materials. 
  • White polyester labels offer a high-quality printing surface that produces clear and crisp images and text.
  • Silver polyester labels offer a unique and attractive labeling solution.
  • Polyester labels are suitable for labeling products that require durability and long-lasting performance, such as electronic devices, appliances, automotive parts, and medical equipment. They are also commonly used for labeling outdoor equipment, chemical containers, and industrial machinery.

Tyre Labels

Tyre vulcanization labels are labels that are used to identify tyres that have undergone the vulcanization process. Vulcanization is a process used in tyre manufacturing that involves heating the tyre material under pressure to improve its strength, durability, and resistance to wear.

High Temperature Resistance Labels

  • High temperature resistance labels are labels that are designed to withstand exposure to high temperatures without losing their adhesion or deteriorating. These labels are commonly used in applications where they will be exposed to extreme heat, such as in industrial and manufacturing settings.
  • These labels can be used for a variety of applications, such as labeling machinery, electronic components, and other industrial equipment. They can also be used in the aerospace, automotive, solar industry and military industries.

Labels for Steel Industry

Tailored labels are designed for the steel industry to endure high temperatures, chemical bath, and challenging environmental conditions, offering a more efficient and durable alternative to the conventional hand marking system, which is often inefficient and short-lived.

Drum Labels

Our labels designed for the drum industry incorporate advanced technology, eliminating the necessity for stenciling, minimizing mess, cutting down on labour requirements, and providing drums, cans, and gallons with an elegant and visually appealing appearance while ensuring the information is highly legible.

Labels for Pharma

We possess a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the exacting demands of the pharmaceutical industry. We offer inventive and personalized label solutions that conform to various packaging requirements, exhibit long-lasting durability, and maintain cleanliness. Furthermore, we guarantee 100% date accuracy and resistance to smudging for variable information, such as shelf life, and more.

Labels for Automative Industry

Our labeling solutions for the automotive industry provide outstanding durability against harsh environmental conditions, chemicals, and high temperatures, particularly during testing. Consequently, they are perfectly suited to meet all automotive labeling needs.

Labels for Electronics Industry

We offer a variety of labels to meet the diverse needs of research, engineering, manufacturing, and shipping. These labels are designed to endure extreme temperatures and ensure long-lasting durability.

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    A barcode label sticker is a type of sticker that contains a barcode, which is a series of black and white lines that represent a unique number. The barcode is used to identify a particular item or product, and it can be scanned by a scanner or other device to retrieve information about the item or product. Barcode labels are used in various industries, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.


    Barcode labels are typically printed on paper or plastic and then applied to a product, package, or other item. The barcode label can contain additional information about the item, such as a product name, description, price, or expiration date. Barcode labels can also be used to track items, such as inventory or shipments.

    The most common size for barcode labels is 2” x 1.5”. This size is ideal for most products and is compatible with most barcode scanners. It is also easy to find pre-printed labels in this size. Another popular size is 1.5” x 1”. This size is perfect for smaller items and is also compatible with many barcode scanners. It is important to note that while these are the two most common sizes, there are other sizes available depending on your specific needs.

    The most common sizes for barcode label printer paper are 4” x 6”, 4” x 8”, and 4” x 10”. The size of the paper depends on the size of the barcode and the resolution you need. The larger the paper size, the higher the resolution you can achieve.


    If you’re printing barcodes for retail products, then 4” x 6” is the most common size. This size is perfect for printing barcodes for items like clothing, electronics, and books. It is also a good size for barcodes that need to be read quickly and easily by a scanner.