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Tyre labels, also known as tire labels, are informative labels affixed to tires, providing essential details about the tire’s performance characteristics. These labels are typically mandated by regulations in many countries to offer consumers standardized information regarding the tire’s properties.

The information on tyre labels commonly includes:

  1. Fuel Efficiency: Indicates the tire’s rolling resistance, which affects fuel consumption. A lower rolling resistance often correlates with better fuel efficiency.

  2. Wet Grip: This rating shows the tire’s braking performance on wet roads. Higher grades indicate better grip and shorter braking distances on wet surfaces.

  3. Noise Emissions: It indicates the external noise level generated by the tire, usually measured in decibels. The label provides information on how noisy the tire is while in use.

These labels are designed to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing tires, considering factors like fuel efficiency, safety in wet conditions, and noise levels. It allows them to compare different tire models and choose the one that best suits their driving needs while also promoting environmental awareness and safety standards in the automotive industry.

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