Ultra destructible (UDV) Labels

Consumables / Labels

Ultra Destructible Vinyl (UDV) labels, also known as destructible labels or tamper-evident labels, are designed to fragment into tiny pieces upon attempted removal. These labels have a very strong adhesive that bonds aggressively with the surface they are applied to, making them extremely difficult to remove in one piece.

The key characteristics of UDV labels include:

  1. Tamper-Evident Security: UDV labels are used for security and anti-tampering purposes. When someone tries to remove the label, it breaks apart into tiny fragments, making it impossible to peel off intact without clear evidence of tampering.

  2. Permanent Adhesive: These labels use a strong and permanent adhesive that strongly bonds with the surface, making removal challenging and leaving behind residue or evidence of tampering.

  3. Security Applications: UDV labels are often used in applications where the integrity of a product or item needs to be ensured, such as warranty seals, asset tagging, sensitive documents, or to deter unauthorized access to products or equipment.

  4. Variety of Uses: They can be custom printed with texts, numbers, barcodes, or graphics like any other label, providing both security and identification features.

These labels are a cost-effective solution to protect against tampering and unauthorized access, ensuring that any attempt to remove them results in irreparable damage to the label, signaling potential tampering or intrusion.

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