Taivek / Taffeta labels ​

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The terms “Taivek” or “taffeta” labels likely refer to Tyvek and Taffeta labels, which are two distinct types of materials often used for labeling and tagging purposes:

  1. Tyvek Labels: Tyvek is a durable, synthetic material made by DuPont. It’s known for its strength, tear resistance, and waterproof properties. Tyvek labels are commonly used in applications where durability and resistance to harsh conditions are essential, such as outdoor labeling, asset tagging, or situations where labels need to withstand rough handling or exposure to moisture.

  2. Taffeta Labels: Taffeta labels are made from a smooth, woven fabric, usually polyester or nylon. They are known for their soft texture, flexibility, and ability to hold fine details when printed. Taffeta labels are often used in garment labeling, care labels, or situations where a softer, fabric-like label is desired.

Both materials have their distinct characteristics and applications, with Tyvek being more rugged and resistant to tearing and water, while taffeta provides a softer, fabric-like feel and is commonly used in clothing or textile labeling applications.

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