Tamper Proof Labels

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Tamper labels, also known as tamper-evident labels, are specially designed labels used to indicate if an object or package has been tampered with or opened. These labels are equipped with features that make it obvious if an attempt has been made to remove or manipulate them.

Tamper labels often include:

  1. Destructible Materials: Labels made from materials that tear or break easily upon attempted removal, leaving behind visible signs of tampering.

  2. Special Adhesives: Strong adhesives that create a permanent bond, making it difficult to remove the label without leaving residue or clear evidence of tampering.

  3. Void or Residue Messages: Some tamper labels have hidden messages (like “void” or other indicators) that appear once the label is removed, making it obvious that tampering occurred.

  4. Unique Features: Elements like serial numbers, holographic images, or other unique identifiers that make duplication or replacement of the label difficult.

These labels are commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food packaging, electronics, and transportation to ensure the integrity and safety of products and to discourage tampering or unauthorized access. Their primary purpose is to provide visible evidence if someone has attempted to interfere with the sealed object or package.

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